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How to Collaboration and SOTM Winners

Revison date;  10-5-2020

This allows persons who have designated as Executive and Admin to edit the song and also add a song as a SOTM winner or as a collaboration. 


Open the HSA website up.




Hover your cursor over “More” on the menu bar.  A drop-down menu will appear


Click on “Admin Page”.  Once the Admin Page opens……


Click on “Admin Song Edit List”.  This will bring up a list of songs, most recent at the top.  Be patient it will take a moment to open.


Click on the title of the song that you wish to add as a Song Of The Month (SOTM) winner or as a collaboration.  Once the Edit buttons appear, Click on the “Edit” button for the song you wish to edit


Once the song edit page opens, add a “y” to the appropriate box(es).


Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.


This process can also be used to add a person as a Songwriter Of The Year (SWOTY) nominee.  However, if a person is eligible for SWOTY as part of a collaboration but has not submitted a song as an individual, someone designated as “Admin” will have to add the person directly to the database. 

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