Ideas for Making a Chorus Great

Here is the list generated by the group.   The ones getting the best score are on top.

Compare what you wrote down with this list. 

Idea or Thought                                           Score

Easy to sing / memorable                                    10

Emotional highlight                                               7

Chord structure differs from verse                    4

Drastic melody change vs verse                         4

Have a hook (preferably last line)                     3

Summarize the song meaning / theme             3

Higher melody range than verse                       2

Expand the idea of the song                                2

Emphasize the song title                                      2

Rhyming lyrics                                                      2

Make you smile                                                     0

Makes you cry                                                       0

Perspective                                                             0

Surprising                                                              0

Current event                                                        0

Concise                                                                    0

As you can see not everyone has the same thoughts about what is most important in making a chorus great.  Some people did not vote for their own ideas but chose an idea they thought was more important.  While this is not the definitive answer to writing a great chorus, it does give you some things to think about when you are writing your next song and you get to the chorus. 

Make it great!