How to Change the Month or Year

Revison date;  10-4-2020

You must have been designated as an “Administrator” and have an been given administrator access to be able to change the month or year


Open the HSA website and login. 

Hover your cursor over “Help” on the menu bar at the top of the page.  This cause a drop-down menu to appear. 

Click on “Admin Page”

Once the admin page is open click on “Set Month Year”

Once the page opens, type in the new Month or Year as needed.

Click on “Submit”

After you click on Submit, text will appear, under the Submit button, telling you what the new Month and Year have been set to.

If this is not correct, then re-type in the Month and Year as needed.  Then click on “Submit”

Once the Month and Year have been correctly set, click on “Home” on the top menu bar