How to Open Close Steps

Revison date;  10-5-2020

The On-Line Process utilizes four steps or sections, Upload, Critique, Re-Post and Voting.  To make the appropriate step available to the users and members, the step must be opened.  Following the steps below will make the necessary changes to the website open or close a step.  This will also change the dates where needed on the appropriate pages.


Open the HSA website and login. 

Hover your cursor over “More” on the menu bar at the top of the page.  This will cause a drop-down menu to appear. 

Click on “Admin Page”

Once the admin page is open click on “Admin Open Close”

Once the page opens, you will see each step indicating whether the step is currently open or closed, with a Closing Date, and the date range that the step will be open. 

To change a step, type in either “Open” or Closed in the “Open/Closed” column as needed.

Once the changes have been, click “Submit”


To verify if the changes have been made, go to the “Home” page, click on “On-Line Critique Process” and see if the information is correct on that page.  If the information is not correct, repeat the above steps


At the beginning of each month, new Closing Dates and Open date ranges will be needed to be input.


**Reminder, the month will also need to be changed at the beginning of each month and the year will need to be changed at the start of each HSA Year.  See “Set Month Year” on the Admin Page.**