On-Line Song Submission/Critique Process

 We will utilize an On-Line meeting process until the virus crisis is over and we can get back to our face to face meetings. To see the information for this month's meeting, Click Here


Registered users and paid members, according to their status,  will be able to submit, critique and vote for Song of the Month.  Below are the four steps of the process along with date ranges for each step.  Click on Click Here” to go to the appropriate page to participate.


Upload/submit   To upload/submit a song, Closed

Critique   To critique a song, Closed  

Revise/Re-post   To post a revised, uploaded song, Closed  Open between August 18 24

Voting   To Vote for Song of the Month, Click here.  Open between August 25 31

If you have any trouble with an active step please contact us immediately at…