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Attention HSA Current and Former Members,

REMINDER – ANNUAL VOTING - You still have time to vote in the HSA 2019 ANNUAL VOTING for Song of the Year, Collaboration Song of the Year and Songwriter(s) of the Year but you must do so by this Sunday night, November 24, 2019. All HSA members (current and former) who are registered in the Members Area on the website with a "Y" status are encouraged to participate in the monthly and annual voting contests.

Please go to the website at and click on the Song of the Month Icon to login. Before voting, you can listen to all of the songs eligible for Song of the Year, Collaboration Song of the Year, and the songs presented throughout the year by the Songwriter(s) of the Year Nominees by clicking on the corresponding boxes. You must vote in all three categories. Please read and follow the guidelines that are posted. Once voting is closed, it cannot not be reopened. Thank you for your participation in the voting process.

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY - The HSA Annual Christmas Party is on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at JP Hops House, 2317 S. Hwy 6, Houston, TX, 77077 starting at 2:00pm-6:00pm. The Annual Awards will be given out and the new HSA 2019 CD Compilation which includes the Song of the Month winning songs will be available for $15.

There is no critique session at this meeting. All HSA Members are invited along with their family and friends to help us celebrate this Holiday Season. There will be food and live entertainment for all to enjoy. HSA provides the ham and turkey, bread and rolls. We ask all members to bring a side-dish or dessert (of their choice) to complete a dinner menu. Drinks and sodas may be purchased at the bar. The entertainment is provided by “YOU”, so bring your musical instrument or sing a cappella!

We also have a “White Elephant” gift exchange. It’s a fun game. Anyone who brings an inexpensive wrapped gift can participate. It can be a new gift (no more than $10), recycled gift, or whatever you have around the house that you no longer have use for (or never had use for).

30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - At the Christmas Party, we will also be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of when the Organization was created back in 1989. Chris Stiteler and Brian Kalinec have agreed to join us and talk about the “good old days” of Fort Bend Songwriters Association, aka, Houston-Fort Bend Songwriters Association and currently known as Houston Songwriters Association.

We sincerely thank everyone for participating at the monthly meetings, song critiques, song contests, workshops and helping to make HSA successful.

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