The Houston Songwriters Association (HSA) is a non-profit 501 (C3) organization serving the greater Houston area since 1989.


Originally started in Richmond, Texas and called Fort Bend Songwriters Association, the name was changed to Houston Fort Bend Songwriters Association to better reflect the area wide demographics of the members.


On January 1, 2008 it was changed to its present name of Houston Songwriters Association.


Our mission is to support and encourage the art and craft of songwriting, to provide resources and educational opportunities to songwriters, and to nurture a positive environment in which songwriters may fully develop their potential as songwriters. The group meets monthly to critique songs and showcase talent.


Songs presented at the monthly critique sessions may be entered in the Song of the Month Contest.  There will be two songs chosen by web-based voting each month.  After the October meeting web-based voting will choose,  “Song of the Year”, "Collaboration Song of the Year"  and  “Songwriter of the Year” , with the results announced at the Annual December Party.


All ages, all musical styles and all levels of experience are invited! We welcome you to visit and make some new friends that share your interest in songwriting

HSA Board of Directors

Jay Harris.jpg


Jay Harris

President.  Joined HSA in 2019.  Board Member 2020

Patricia Bishop.jpg


Patricia Bishop

Member since 2001.  Board Member since 2006.  Secretary since 2008.  Website Asst. since 2010

Andrew Fischer 3.jpg

Board Member

Andrew Fischer

Past President (2020-2021) and board member since 2019.  Mini-workshops Coordinator.  He is a guitarist and singer-songwriter.


Board Member

Danny Liggett

Past president 2019-2020.  Member since 2003. Active with the Board since 2008.  Board Member since 2012. Web Master since 2010.

HSA Operating Manual

David Hanshaw.jpg


David Hanshaw

Joined HSA in 2001.  Board of Directors since 2021

Anna Beavers Small.jpg


Anna Beavers

Joined HSA in 2020.  Board of Directors since 2021


Board Member

Buddy Trotter

Joined HSA in 2003.  Board member since 2012.  Mini-workshop coordinator 2015-2018


2021 Year in Review