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Attention HSA Members,

Congratulations to the HSA October 2022 Song of the Month Winners, Warren Hanson for his song titled HEAVEN COUNTY LINE and to Andrew Fischer for his song titled MERCY ON ME! Honorable Mention, for the song with the 3rd highest number of votes goes to Wallace Chase for his song titled THE GAMBLE. You can hear the songs for the October monthly winners on the Home Page of our website at Also, a recap of the October Meeting is shown on the Home Page under Monthly Meeting Information.

A special thanks to the 18 members who participated in commenting on the songs and the 20 members who voted. Anyone who is registered on the website may comment on the songs posted each month. We are very grateful to the members who may not be able to upload songs each month, but still take the time to support their fellow songwriters by reviewing, commenting and voting on the songs. Remember anyone who is registered on the website may comment on the songs posted each month.

Reminder - November starts the New HSA 2023 Season.

November 1, 2022/23 ON-LINE MEETING - The HSA November On-Line Meeting is now open. You can access all of the open areas for the Song of the Month Entries on the Home Page by clicking on Monthly Submission / Commenting Schedule or clicking on the Members Area Page.

The November Schedule for all of the Song of the Month entries are as follows:

Nov. 1 – 14 Upload songs for submissions and comments by members

Nov. 1 – 27 Members may continue to comment on the songs posted

Nov. 15 – 30 Songwriters can revise their song, if necessary

Dec. 1 – 11 Voting for November Song of the Month

We hope that all members will participate in commenting on the songs as soon as they are uploaded to the website.

HSA FACE-TO-FACE NOVEMBER MEETING – Our Face-to-Face meeting is on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at Kojak’s Fine Foods, 1912 W 18th St., Houston TX 77008 (about a mile inside loop 610) at 2:00PM with our normal process and a little workshop. If you bring a song, please also provide 30 copies of the lyric sheets to pass out to the attending members. Only members who are current in their annual membership dues may bring a song to the meeting. Songs can be played live or with a recording. Note, if you bring in a song that has already been posted to the website, it must be the same song you bring to the Face-to-Face meeting. You cannot bring in a different song during the month.

IMPORTANT – The HSA 2022 Annual Voting for Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year and Collaboration Song of the Year also starts today, November 1, 2022. We will send out a separate email with more detailed information to assist you in the Annual Voting process.

Thank you for your continued membership, support and participation in helping us be successful. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at


Houston Songwriters Association

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