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Attention HSA Members,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope everyone had a very safe and wonderful Holiday Season! We are looking forward to your new song creations and participation throughout 2022.

Our Houston Songwriters Association’s January 2022 On-line Meeting is now open for uploading songs to the website along with members' review and comments. You can view the schedule for the January submissions, etc. at the top of the Home Page on our website at , by clicking on the “Monthly Submission /Commenting Schedule.”

The January 2022 Schedule for the Song of the Month entries are as follows:

January 1 – 10 Upload songs for submissions and comments by members

January 1 – 16 Songs can continue to be reviewed by members

January 17 – 23 Songwriter can revise their song, if necessary

January 24 – 31 Voting for January Song of the Month

We hope that all members will participate in commenting on the songs as they are uploaded to the website.

IMPORTANT – THE HSA JANUARY 9, 2022 FACE-TO-FACE MEETING IS CANCELED. – There will not be a Face-to-Face Meeting at J P Hops House on January 9, 2022. Due to concern for all of our members, the HSA Board of Directors have decided to follow the Harris County / City of Houston COVID-19 Data Tracking. When the levels reach 2 and above, we will not have a face-to-face meeting for that month, but will continue with the Monthly Online Meetings. We will send out notices as soon as possible, so please, read the notices we send out through our HSA email messages, Facebook pages and News Area on the website

HSA 2021 CD - This year, if you are interested in purchasing a 2021 CD Compilation of the Song of the Month Winning Songs, you can order one on our website in the Song of the Month area through Pay Pal. The cost will be $15 each, and the CD will be mailed to you at the address you provide.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - January is also the time to renew your 2022 Yearly Membership Dues. You can renew them on-line through PayPal on the Home Page or Members Area of the website.

WEBSITE ENHANCEMENTS - You may also notice our awesome Webmaster, Danny Liggett, has been very busy updating the website. Take a look around to become familiar with all of the enhancements he’s created to help you know what HSA is all about and how we operate. Click on the ABOUT US area, which includes “HSA Operating Manual”. There’s a lot to read, so you might want to do it a little at a time.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us as soon as possible at

Thank you for participating in the Song of the Month entries, commenting and voting areas and for helping to make Houston Songwriters Association successful.


Houston Songwriters Association

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