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November Meeting Recap / Annual Voting

We had a nice turnout at the November 12, 2017 meeting on Sunday with 17 people in attendance and 14 songs submitted for critiquing. We want to thank everyone for spending their Sunday afternoon with us.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest HSA members, Craig Edel and A.J. Gillard, for joining our organization.

A special thanks goes out to Buddy Trotter for presenting a very interesting November Mini Workshop titled “Song Forms”, a Chapter from Pat Pattison’s Book, “Writing Better Lyrics”.

IMPORTANT - The HSA 2017 ANNUAL VOTING for Song of the Year, Collaboration Song of the Year and Songwriter(s) of the Year is now OPEN through Monday night, November 27, 2017 on the HSA website at . All HSA members (current and former) who are registered in the Members Area on the website with a "Y" status are encouraged to participate in the monthly and annual voting contests. This is an excellent way to catch up with what your fellow HSA Members have been doing throughout the year.

Click on the Song of the Month Icon to login. Before voting, you can listen to all of the songs eligible for Song of the Year, Collaboration Song of the Year, and the songs presented throughout the year by the Songwriter(s) of the Year Nominees by clicking on the corresponding boxes. When you are ready to vote click on the 2017 Annual Voting box and please read all instructions shown before casting your 2 votes in each of the three categories. Members who are nominees in any category MUST also vote in all three categories. You cannot vote for yourself in any category or on your own song or songs you collaborated on. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your participation in the voting process. All awards will be given out at the December Christmas Party.

SONGS PRESENTED AT THE NOVEMBER MEETING – The Upload Section for songs presented at the November meeting which begins the 2018 Season will not open until after the 2017 Annual Voting closes. A message will be sent out when that area opens.

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