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THE NOVEMBER SONG OF THE MONTH VOTING IS NOW OPEN - You may cast your votes for your 2 favorite songs by clicking on the Song of the Month Area. Anyone registered in the Members Area with a “Y” status is eligible to vote. Your fellow songwriters will appreciate your participation. Voting closes on Wednesday night, January 10, 2018.

The November Song of the Month Entries are:

We Love Each Other by Dennis Hansen

Second Time Around by Patricia Bishop and Jesse Navarro

Eight Seconds In A Lifetime by James Craig Edel and Kent M. Edel

When I Look At You by Buddy Trotter and Danny Liggett

Push Back The Shadow by Melanie Broussard

Keep In Mind by Ben D. Huynh

Fly Again by Jesse Navarro

Somewhere In Love by Ron Rost

Maybe I’ll by Kim Solem

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