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HSA March 2018 Song of the Month Voting

Attention HSA Active and Inactive Members:

This a great opportunity to let your HSA songwriting friends know that you still think about them and wonder how they are doing with their passion for songwriting. Remember when you used to bring your songs in for critiquing and enter them into the Song of the Month Contests? Well, you can still participate in the critiquing and voting by supporting the members who upload their songs each month without leaving your house! The HSA MARCH 2018 SONG OF THE MONTH CONTEST AND VOTING IS NOW OPEN - You may cast your votes for your 2 favorite songs on the HSA website at by clicking on the Song of the Month Area. Anyone registered in the Members Area with a “Y” status is eligible to vote, and if you wish, let them know how they are doing. Your fellow songwriters will appreciate hearing from you. Voting closes on Wednesday night, April 4, 2018. Good Luck to everyone. If you forgot your login information, just send us a message at and we will help you to update it. Thank you!

The Songs entered in the March 2018 Song of the Month Contest are:

MY STAR by Ron Rost

SOME TIMES by Oscar Walker

WHEN WILL HE COME HOME by Melanie Broussard, Buddy Trotter and Danny Liggett

JUST SAYIN’ by Patricia Bishop and Jesse Navarro

A NEW YEAR by Regineld Shelton and Jesse Navarro

SHE’S SO COOL by Ron Tintner

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