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Attention Current and Former Houston Songwriters Association Members:

The HSA JANUARY 2019 SONG OF THE MONTH CONTEST AND VOTING IS NOW OPEN – Eight songs have been entered into the contest. You may cast your votes for your 2 favorite songs on the HSA website at by clicking on the Song of the Month Area. Anyone (current and former HSA members) registered in the Members Area with a “Y” status is eligible to vote in the contests and offer constructive suggestions to your fellow songwriters. They will appreciate hearing from you. Voting closes on Wednesday night, February 6, 2019. Good Luck to everyone! If you forgot your login information, just send us a message at and we will help you to update it.

The songs entered in the January 2019 Contest are:

The One by David Hanshaw

Seventeen Again by Craig Edel and Kent Edel

Feeling Like This by Patricia Bishop and Jesse Navarro

Who Do You Think You Are by Ron Rost

Fly Away by Andrew Fischer

Country Boy Blues by Regineld Shelton and Jesse Navarro

Houston by Geoff Simpson

Break Time by Buddy Trotter and Danny Liggett

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