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HSA 2019 Board of Directors Meeting / Elections

Attention HSA Members,

On February 20, 2019, the HSA Board of Directors met to elect a new President and add an additional Director to the team.

After 3 years of wonderful service to our Organization as President, Andrew Richardson, decided to retire his position, but will continue to remain on the Board as a Director. We sincerely thank Andrew for his dedication and continued service to HSA.

The Board voted and happily elected Danny Liggett as our new President, effective immediately, and sincerely appreciate his willingness to serve.

A vote was also made to add another Director to the team, Andrew Fischer, who will also take on the responsibility as Coordinator of the Mini-monthly Workshops. We are very happy to have Andrew on board and look forward to all of the exciting workshops he has in mind for 2019.

The 2019 Houston Songwriters Association’s Principle Officers and Board of Directors:


Danny Liggett

Secretary/Assistant Treasurer:

Patricia Bishop


Melanie Broussard


Ron Tintner

Buddy Trotter

Andrew Richardson

Andrew Fischer

We would like to thank everyone for your membership and participation in helping to make HSA successful.


Houston Songwriters Association

HSA Website address: Email Address:

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