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HSA July 2019 Meeting Recap / July Song Upload

Attention: HSA Members

We had a great turnout at the July 14, 2019 meeting on Sunday with 18 people in attendance and 10 songs submitted for critiquing.

We want to thank everyone for spending their Sunday afternoon with us and hope all had a wonderful time. Also, thanks to our guests, Justin Thompson, Hill Powell and David Hansen, for coming in to check us out and hopefully will join as members. We sincerely appreciated Buddy Trotter bringing his friend, Jerry Campbell, to visit us and we hope to see him again soon.

A special thanks to David Hanshaw who presented a great mini-workshop on the subject of “Nashville Numbering System”. He provided lots of great information in that area.


The Upload section in the Song of the Month Area is now OPEN. Only songs presented at the July 2019 Meeting can be uploaded for additional critiquing and entry into the HSA Song Contest on the website at The Upload Area will close on Monday night, July 29, 2019, so please enter your song by that date. Members registered in the Song of the Month Area of the website may listen to and critique the songs with any constructive feedback they wish to offer the songwriters. Your fellow songwriters will appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you all for your membership and participation in helping to make HSA successful. HSA Website address: Email Address:

Don’t forget to visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and Meetup at the links below:

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