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Recap - HSA Workshop by Ken Gaines "The Power of Contrast"

Thanks to all of you who joined us on Sunday, October 6, 2019 for our HSA Workshop. We are grateful to JP Hops House and to the talented Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Ken Gaines, for presenting his workshop to our members and non-members on the topic of "THE POWER OF CONTRAST”. Ken gave great ideas and demonstrations for using contrast in the songs we create in the areas of ballads vs. up-tempo songs, lyric writing, song structures, ascending and descending melodies, vocals and so much more. Everyone came away with something to think about and, hopefully, look forward to adapting some of those ideas into their own songwriting process. Ken is very dedicated to his profession and it was easy to feel the same high energy and excitement he demonstrated throughout the workshop. It was a Sunday well spent! You can find out more about Ken on his website at

Houston Songwriters Association

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