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Attention HSA Members,

Congratulations to the HSA February 2021 Song of the Month Winners, Ray Wyatt, for his song titled IF THESE HANDS COULD TALK and to Jay Harris, for his song titled WE WAITED TOO LONG. Honorable Mention, for the song with the 3rd highest number of votes, goes to Andrew Fischer for his song titled MOLLY. A special thanks to the 14 members who participated in the voting process.

Our Houston Songwriters Association’s March On-line Meeting/Video is now in progress. To see the video, go to the website at and click on the HOME page, then click on On-Line Critique Process (in blue) and then click on Monthly Meeting Information. You can also view the schedule for the March submissions, etc. Don’t forget to also listen to the Mini Workshop Youtube Video called Ten Songwriting Tips From Bob Dylan added by our Workshop Coordinator, Andrew Fischer on the link indicated at the bottom of the page.

The March Schedule for the Song of the Month entries are as follows:

March 1 – 10 Upload songs for submissions and critiques by members

March 11 – 15 Songs can continue to be critiqued by members

March 16 – 22 Songwriter can revise their song, if necessary

March 23 – 31 Voting for March Song of the Month

We hope that all members will participate in critiquing the songs as they would if we were having the meeting at J P Hops House. Members who participate in the on-line meeting in any aspect will receive the same recognition as being in attendance at any regular HSA Monthly Meeting. Please also continue to support your fellow members by voting in the monthly contests.

REMINDER - Renewal of the HSA Annual Memberships are due in the beginning of the year. If you haven’t done so already please renew them on-line as soon as possible on the website at , click on the Members Area and scroll down to the bottom and click on Pay Your Annual HSA Dues.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us as soon as possible at

We appreciate your membership and thank you for helping to make Houston Songwriters Association successful.


Houston Songwriters Association

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