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Attention Members,

The 2020 HSA Annual Voting for Song of the Year, Collaboration Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year Contests are now open through Monday night, November 30, 2020. We hope all eligible members will participate in the Annual Voting Process. To vote in the Annual Contests, go to the website at, log in and click on the Members Area, then click on Annual Voting (blue), read the Annual Voting instructions carefully.

IMPORTANT - 2020 SONG OF THE YEAR AND COLLABORATION SONG OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS - We hope you have had a chance to listen to all of the Song of the Month Winning Songs for 2020 throughout the year. If not, click on the Song of the Month Icon, scroll down to Song of the Month Winners and click on 2020. You will see them all listed with lyrics and MP3s, which also includes the Collaboration Song of the Year Nominations.

2020 SONGWRITER(S) OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS – To listen to the songs submitted by the Songwriter of the Year Nominees, click on the 2020 Songs to find the songwriter(s) name. Note: A songwriter does not have to have a Song of the Month winning song to qualify for Songwriter of the Year… but they must have a sample of at least 4 songs uploaded throughout the year to help the voters make a decision in that category.

If you have any problems, please contact us immediately at

Thank you for your membership and participation in the 2020 Annual Voting Contests.


Houston Songwriters Association

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