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Attention HSA Members,

The HSA June 2023 Song of the Month Voting is now open through Friday night, June 30, 2023. All members who are current in their 2023 Membership Dues may VOTE in the monthly Song of the Month entries and we encourage all to do so.

TO VOTE, go to the website at, click on the Members Area and please read the Voting Guidelines for the Song of the Month voting before casting your votes. All HSA members who upload a song, including their collaborators who are paid HSA members, MUST VOTE in that month’s contest to keep the song in the monthly competition. Songwriters or collaborators cannot vote on their own songs. Members can only vote once a month. To cast your VOTES for your 2 favorite songs, click on Monthly Voting (in green); click on the arrow to vote for your first choice selection; then click on the arrow to vote on your second choice selection. You must vote for 2 different songs; then click on Cast Vote (in red). If you have any problems, please contact us immediately at

Note: All registered and paid members still have time to also comment on the songs in the Song of the Month Contest through Tuesday night, June 27, 2023. Your fellow songwriters will appreciate hearing from you. We encourage everyone who comment on the songs to be thoughtful and constructive in their feedback, just as they would want to have their own songs critiqued.

Thank you for your membership and active participation throughout the year.


Houston Songwriters Association

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