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HSA November Song Critiques Closed / Song Revisions Open / Annual Voting

Attention HSA Members,

A special thanks goes out to the 7 members who took the time to critique or offer suggestions to the songwriter(s) who uploaded songs for the November Song of the Month Contest. The area for critiquing the November songs is now closed and the period for revising songs is now open.

If a songwriter wishes to “Edit” their song, lyrics or MP3, they may do so from November 20 through November 30, 2020. To edit your song, go to the website at and click on the Members Area, then click on "Edit." This will bring up all of your songs that you have uploaded to the website.

Select the song you wish to edit to make changes to the lyrics and/or add a new MP3, then click on the Submit button. It may take a few seconds to confirm that your submission was successful. IMPORTANT: DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES ON THE SONG TITLE area as it will delete all of the critiques that are shown, but send a message to Danny Liggett at to make the SONG TITLE change for you.

To make sure your changes have been made, go back to the Song of the Month Area to view and listen to your song. You may want to indicate in the top portion of the lyric area what changes have been made (lyrics and or MP3) so that the listener will know that changes have been made prior to when voting opens on December 1, through December 14, 2020. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at


Don’t forget to also vote in the HSA 2020 Annual Voting Contests, currently open through November 30, 2020. To vote in the Annual Contests, go to the website at, log in and click on the Members Area, then click on Annual Voting (blue), read the Annual Voting instructions carefully. All members who are nominees in any of the categories MUST VOTE in the Annual Voting.


Houston Songwriters Association

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