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Attention HSA Members,

The HSA October 2020 Song Upload Area is now closed on our HSA website at A special thanks to the 10 members who posted their songs for critiquing and entry into the Song of the Month Contest.

All HSA members may continue to critique the posted songs through October 16, 2020. We hope that everyone will participate in critiquing the songs as they would if we were having the meeting at J P Hops House. Your fellow songwriters are looking forward to hearing from you.

The songwriters will have a chance to revise/update their songs, if they wish to do so, from October 17 to October 23. If a songwriter wants to make a copy of their song critiques, they should be able to print out a copy of the page from their Edit area section.

Voting for the October Song of the Month Contest is scheduled to open on October 24 through October 31. All HSA Members who have a song in any of the HSA contests (including collaborators) MUST participate in the voting process.

NOTE: October is the last month for the HSA 2020 Song of the Month Season. After the October Song of the Month Winners are announced, the HSA 2020 Annual Voting for Song of the Year, Song Collaboration of the Year and Songwriter of the Year will begin in November with specific dates and instructions. Any member who is a nominee in ANY of the three annual categories, MUST VOTE in all three contests.

You can find additional information and instructions on the Home Page of our website at regarding the current month’s virtual meeting by clicking on the blue area at the bottom right side of the page, “On-Line-Critique Process”.

Thank you for your membership and participation in helping to continue to make HSA successful. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us as soon as possible at


Houston Songwriters Association

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