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Attention HSA Members,

Congratulations to the HSA September 2020 Song of the Month Winners, Ron Rost for his song titled A SUNDAY KIND OF MORNING and to Kari Loya for his song titled LOVE A LADY. Honorable Mention, for the song with the 3rd highest number of votes, goes Paul Boedeker for his song titled TO BELIEVE. A special thanks to the 22 members who participated in the voting process.

Our Houston Songwriters Association’s October On-line Meeting is now in session. Go to the Home Page on our website at at the bottom right side of the page, click on the blue area “On-Line-Critique Process” to see the video presented by Danny


The October Schedule for the Song of the Month entries are as follows:

October 1 – 8 Upload songs for submissions and critiques by members

October 1 – 16 Songs can continue to be critiqued by members

October 17 – 23 Songwriter can revise their song, if necessary

October 24 – 31 Voting for October Song of the Month

We hope that all members will participate in critiquing the songs as they would if we were having the meeting at J P Hops House. Members who participate in the on-line meeting in any aspect will receive the same recognition as being in attendance at any regular HSA Monthly Meeting. Please also continue to support your fellow members by voting in the monthly contests.

REMINDER: October is the last month to get your songs in for critiquing and entry into the Song of the Month Contests for the HSA 2020 Season.

Our HSA Webmaster, Danny Liggett, has made a few updates to the website to make it easier for you to follow. Please take a look around to see what they are. Be sure to listen to the entire video, especially, concerning the Annual Voting in November and the qualifying nominees.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us as soon as possible at

Thank you for helping to make Houston Songwriters Association successful. Stay safe and well.


Houston Songwriters Association

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