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March 2020 Song of the Month Voting / IMPORTANT INFORMATION RE APRIL MEETING

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Attention HSA Members:

The March 2020 Song of the Month Voting is now open. 9 songs have been uploaded in the March Contest. Your fellow songwriters will appreciate your participation. Voting will close on Monday night, March 31, 2020. If you have any problems casting your votes, please contact us at as soon as possible.

## Special Announcement! ##

We regret to inform you that the April face to face meeting of the Houston Songwriters Association will not be held, on April 4, as planned. This is due to the continuing issue with the Coronavirus. We will evaluate each month whether to have a face to face meeting until this crisis is over.

However, we will be putting in place an On-Line process for members to submit songs. It will consist of members submitting songs by uploading them, people critiquing the songs on-line, submitters revising the songs if they choose, and then the members voting for song of the month.

This will take a little longer than our normal process, but it will allow us, as songwriters, to continue to have a way to present our songs. Below are the steps and timetable for the process.

April 1 – 5, submitters can upload their songs through our normal upload process on the website.

April 6 – 13, registered users and members can provide a critique of the songs through a new page that will be available starting on April 6. The link to that page will be on the “Song of the Month” page

April 14 – 20, song submitters can revise their songs and repost, if they choose to. Currently there is a page to “Edit” songs on the “Members Area” page. All parts of the submission can be edited. A revised MP3 would have to be emailed, as we do now for uploads.

April 21 – April 30, voting will be opened for Song of the Month. This will use same process we currently use

Winners will be announced after voting is closed. Winners of Song of the Month during this process will be eligible for Song of the Year and included on the 2020 annual compilation CD.

Our May meeting is scheduled to be on May 3. That will be a workshop meeting with no critique session. If we do not have that meeting, then we will have on-line workshops ready for viewing.

We hope this will be acceptable to the membership during this time of uncertainty. If you have any concerns about the process or have problems during the use of the process, please contact us as soon as possible at

Danny Liggett

President HSA

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