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Recap of HSA January 2020 Meeting / New Website Instructions / Song of the Month Uploads

Attention HSA Members:

We had a great turnout at the January 12, 2020 meeting on Sunday with 16 people in attendance and 9 songs presented for critiquing.

We want to thank everyone for spending their Sunday afternoon with us and hope all had a great time. We welcome our newest members who joined, Capt. Helwig Van Der Grinten, and Glenn Decker and also guest members Terry Victor, Powers Severin and Mark Winters visiting with us.

IMPORTANT – New Instructions to HSA Members on Changes to the HSA Website

There have been a few changes made on our HSA Website at

Anyone can access all areas listed except the Song of the Month and Members Areas.

To access the Song of the Month Area you must be signed up on the site as a “Registered Member” to be able to listen to all of the songs that are uploaded. If you previously signed up before these changes were made and are unable to access this area with your current Log In information, you will have to Sign Up again. To “Sign Up”, click the “Log In” feature at the top upper right side of the page then click on the “Sign Up” area. Once you “Sign Up”, please use the “Log In With Email” feature using your email address and password.

Once you “Sign Up”, the site will recognize you as either a “Registered User” or as a “Paid Member”. Registered Users who have not paid dues will only be able to listen to the songs listed in the Song of the Month Area. They will not have access to the Members Area.

Once you have paid the dues, Admin will add you to the “Paid Members” group. This will take about a day for Admin to process. Only “Paid Members” who are current in their Annual Membership Dues will have full access to the Song of the Month Area, Members Areas, Members Forum and be able to bring in one song for critiquing at any of the (10) monthly meetings, upload it to the website for entry into the Song of the Month Contest, make edits if needed, and vote in the monthly and year-end contests.

IMPORTANT – If you paid membership dues in 2019, you should currently be listed as a Paid Member. If you haven’t already Signed Up on the New Website, you must do so in order to access the Members Areas.


The area for uploading songs and voting is now located in the Members Area and the upload area is now open through Monday night, January 27, 2020. Please be sure to upload your song by that date. If you have any problems please contact us at

Feel free to explore the new website. If you need more information regarding these changes, click on the “More” Area and then click on “Help”. Please let us know if you find any errors or would like to see something changed. If you have any problems signing up, or logging In, please send us a message at


Danny Liggett

HSA Webmaster

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